Guaranteed to add fun to the festivities. 

Print these labels on your inkjet or laser printer. Attach to cans of potted meat food product or Vienna Sausages and serve 'em up at your next party.

A great gag gift.

Peter Piper had a problem with pickled peppers. Ponder the possibilities with Pickled Possum Peckers.

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Pickled Possum Kit 50% off

(Some say I'm 100% off, but that's another story)

The possum gag kit includes: 
Labels for 3oz can of Hillbilly Gourmet Sun Dried Possum Chip Dip, labels for 3oz can of Hillbilly Gourmet Fresh Road Kill (fits standard potted meat product can), and Labels for 5oz can of Hillbilly Gourmet Pickled Possum Peckers (Fits standard Vienna Sausages Can)


Special free bonus: The recipe and directions for
"Real White Lightin" (includes 'still construction)
Plus The recipe and directions "Real Hillbilly Beer" (Home Brew)*.

All for just $5.95

Hillbilly Survival Kit
Instant Download